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Debating the future of SGA

By Marie Rioux, The Circuit

10 freshmen students rallied in the O’Malley McAllister Auditorium on the night of Sept. 4, to defend their candidacy as representatives of the freshman class in the Student Government Association.

Eleven students total are running: Vincent Schriffiano, Thomas Tighe, Alexander Gorman, John Morran, Nicole Samour, Maura Buhler, Kristie Le, Rachel Oberfoell, Julia Zelaya, Chloe Charles and Olivia Ortiz.

Ortiz said the candidates had been given a set of general guiding questions to prepare for the debate, such as what each candidate would do if elected and their leadership experience.

At the debate, the candidates were asked a series of questions by Nicholas D’Adamo, S.G.A. President. Following each question, each candidate was given an opportunity to respond.

The questions focused on the candidates’ suitability for the position based on factors such as: leadership skills and communication skills. Also, their vision for serving the student body through specific goals.

One goal shared by many of the candidates was transparent communication between S.G.A. and the student body.

“I think the most important thing is to make sure that you guys know what’s going on,” said Vincent Schriffiano, history and political science major.

Nicole Samour, an international student from El Salvador, planned on communicating with students through her current campaigning Instagram account if she is elected representative.

“I am going to change that Instagram from a campaign Instagram to one where you can communicate with me any problems you have,” Samour said.

Following the debates, candidate Maura Buhler expressed further confidence in her decision to run.

“I feel better now,” Buhler said. “Everyone had great ideas up there.”

Elections for the freshmen representatives opened on Sept. 5, and closed on Sept. 7.

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