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New additions to the coach line-up

By Ayden Pugh, The Circuit

Another year, another sports line-up.

While there’s traditionally a whole new freshmen class of athletes with a sprinkling of transfers, this year we have a few fresh faces among our coaches on campus.

Here’s the rundown.

We have a new head baseball coach, two assistant baseball coaches, an interim men’s soccer coach, and a new dance coach. Henry Brun, track and field head coach, took over responsibilities for cross-country and now runs all running events.

“The support is here,” said the newly appointed head baseball coach Eric Peterson.

Peterson first arrived on campus on June 16. He is a Lawrence resident but had never been to Atchison until his job interview. He remarked about how the word ‘impressed’ didn’t even begin to describe his first impressions of Benedictine College.

Initially, Peterson was met with certain positive and negative obstacles upon being hired to his new position. Retention of past players and making sure that the alumni still feel welcome are some of the challenges of transition to new leadership. Assistant baseball coaches Alex Stillwell and Tai Mitchel are Peterson’s left and right hands as they start training for the spring season.

“I couldn’t do what I do without those guys.” Peterson said.

“I feel very good about the staff that we have and the direction the department is headed as a whole,” said assistant athletic director and Benedictine College alumni Josh Pound.

Pound has been here for 15 years and has been serving in his current position for the past two years.

Pound works with athletic director Charles Gartenmayer and associate athletic director Mike Faucett. When it came to hiring new coaches, they were looking for people who understand the private college culture.

According to Pound, Eric Peterson fit that bill and is well connected in the baseball world. He came highly recommended by other college baseball programs.

Future months will show the progress of these new coaches and how they contribute to the culture of the school.


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