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Sports editor, Liam Keating, gives a preview of multiple sports teams on campus for upcoming games. These previews include starting lineups, notable players, location, time, and more for both Benedictine and the opposing team. Click below to view the most recent matchup against Benedictine College.


COVID-19 Pandemic Status Update and Benedictine’s Response

Status Update COVID–19 has become a global pandemic, sweeping across most countries at an alarming rate.    Last Dec. the world first encountered a new strain of the Coronavirus family, a bacterium...

Breaking News: BC closes Florence campus

Benedictine College announced through a school-wide email on March 3 the closing of the Florence Campus for the college’s study abroad program due to the COVID-19 virus. Last week, the...

A shift to a student-free Scholarship Ball

By McKenna Elder Each year, Benedictine College has a large fundraiser in Kansas City, called the Scholarship Ball, which is for the alumni, donors and parents. However, there are some unexpected changes to this year's...


Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Watch a video produced by student writer, Julie Philips, showing students from Benedictine College helping those in need for the Sleep in Heavenly Peace program.

No-alcohol policy change for on-campus activities

As all classes have transitioned online due to COVID-19, on-campus activities will physically not be held. When returning, students will be facing a policy change removing alcohol service at Student Activity events; including...

Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Spring break begins in less than a week, and no matter what you are planning over break, the week away from classes could provide ample opportunity to relax and prepare for the final stretch of the school...


Into the Desert

Lent took an unexpected turn due to COVID-19, causing Catholics to give up more than just their initial sacrifices, but Mass and Adoration as well.  Adjusting to the New Reality  Mikael Tommer, senior, struggled with how...

Holy Spirit Thrived in Spiritual Gifts Conference

Over 200 students and guests attended the Spiritual Gift Conference on Feb. 21-23 at Benedictine College. Before leaving the attendees were challenged to actively use what they learned to apply...

15 Creative Ideas on What to Give up for Lent

As most Christians are probably aware, Ash Wednesday is today, marking the beginning of the Lenten Season.   During the 40 days of Lent, Christians are called to fast and “give...