How the Transition from El Niño to La Niña Could Impact Tornado Season in Kansas

As tornado season begins, the transition from El Niño to La Niña could create an increase in severe weather and storms in Kansas. El Niño...


The legacy of future NASCAR hall of famer Kevin Harvick since his retirement this year

This year, future NASCAR hall of famer Kevin Harvick decided to retire from NASCAR racing after the 2023 Cup Series Season at the age...

Lax and the Lord

Members of the Benedictine Men's Lacrosse team are currently undertaking the Exodus 90 challenge, a 90-day faith-based journey of self-discipline. The challenge, which is...

Women’s Soccer 2022


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Media Literacy during Ukrainian Conflict more important now than ever

With the growing war in Ukraine, propaganda and fake news from Russia have become more prominent than ever. Forged documents and fake news have...

Students react to Chiefs Super Bowl Victory

Yesterday the Chiefs won the superbowl against the 49ers in a comeback victory 31-20. One of our student writers, Trace Flax, talked to students...

HER Week: Sadie Hawkins appreciation

In honor of Sadie Hawkins Day, Benedictine College celebrated with HER week.  Her week stands for His Economic Relief. 2019 was different because of two new added elements. HER week...

The Dastardly traps around Benedictine College

This plague upon Atchison, KS has been a grueling one. They are everywhere, waiting, spinning their traps of utter chaos around the town for...